Liz Scofield

Adjunct Professor of Digital Art

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Liz Clayton Scofield is a performance and video artist who recently earned their M.F.A. in digital art from Indiana University Bloomington. They received their undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, in music, gender, society, with a studio art minor. Liz’s work often concerns gender identity, queerness, production, and systems of power. Liz is interested in performance, video, interactivity, collaboration, and interventions of public space. Liz’s correct pronouns are the gender-neutral pronouns they/them/their. Liz’s recent M.F.A. thesis exhibition involved making themselves into a series of toys. Liz doesn’t believe in determining self-value through accomplishments, so instead of continuing to list those in their bio, they want you to know they have three cats: Audio, Ryley, and Ginny.