Keith Spencer

Visiting Assistant Professor of Fundamentals

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Keith Allyn Spencer was born and raised in the American desert southwest border region. An emphasis with the middle letter of his name helps diminish the perpetual mix-up with similar named persons: Keith Spencer, Kevin Spencer, Kenneth Allan Spencer, Spencer Kenny Allen, Kanye West, so on and so forth. Currently, Kurt resides with his family in Bloomington, Indiana, USA—the tie-dye capital of the world. He is a visiting assistant professor at Indiana University, trying to navigate towards long-term job security, cul-de-sacs, and organic groceries. Kent has showcased his works in various group shows, “pop-up” spaces, coffee shops, bars, blogs, and academic galleries. Most recently, Karl has held solo exhibitions at PULSE NYC, Juicys Gallery, Welcome Screen, OFG.XXX, Target, Domino’s Pizza and the Rhode Island Credit Union so help you God.