Margaret Dolinsky

Associate Professor of Digital Art



Margaret Dolinsky researches, designs, and creates for the CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE). She investigates visual metaphors for navigation and guides participants’ roles in completing an art experience in a virtual environment. She teaches 3-D computer graphic and CAVE development. Her own artwork concentrates on collaborative CAVE environments where two or more CAVEs are networked together using the high-speed bandwidth of the next-generation research network. Her CAVE artwork is installed at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria, and the ICC Museum in Tokyo, Japan. She has exhibited at Chicago’s Alternate Currents, INET2000, SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, and Virtual Spaces in conjunction with ISEA97. A former virtual reality (VR) artist-in-residence at The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dolinsky has spoken at the University of Memphis, Tennessee, NeXT 1.0: New Extensions in Technology in Sweden, SIGGRAPH, and for the High Performance Computational Science Committee on Institutional Cooperation in Washington, D.C. Dolinsky’s work also appears in numerous publications, including Discover, Computer Graphics World, U.S. News and World Report, Yahoo Internet Life, ACM’s Computer Graphics, VR Developer’s Journal, and Leonardo. She earned her M.F.A. from the University of Illinois at Chicago.