Tina Newberry

Associate Professor of Painting

  • rfnewber@indiana.edu


I started teaching at IU in fall 2007. I moved here from Philadelphia where I got my sea legs as an artist. Graduate school with a degree in painting happened here at IU in the 80s. Before that I lived in Albuquerque for 10 years. Some of that time was in getting a B.F.A. degree in ceramics but also in pursuing music, bicycling, and swimming. I have shown in two galleries in Philadelphia and a gallery in Washington, D.C. I won PA Council-on-the-Arts grants twice, was included in three volumes of New American Painting (in its early days), and I was in the first exhibit of the Outwin-Boochever Portrait Competition in the National Portrait Gallery. There are a few paintings in public collections. My work is rooted in the figure. Probably the paintings from Northern Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries were the most important in helping me take my chances with the figure. But the sculptures of Michaelangelo and the work of Gregory Gillespie also formed the core of my support crew. Additionally, the pursuits that consumed large amounts of my time while living in Albuquerque had played into my vulnerability to fantasize that I was actually good at these things. In fact I was either winning a contest, saving the day or being a hero. My paintings are officially the world of my fantasies. The work has changed over the years but largely this theme has stuck to my ribs.