Julie Rooney

Visiting Assistant Prof. Digital Art

  • jkrooney@indiana.edu


Julie Rooney received her MFA in Film and Integrated Media Arts Practice from the University of Colorado at Boulder and her BA in Studio Art (Video) from DePauw University. An active musician and performance artist, Julie has an editing style that draws from lyricism, fine art, and experimental film, which she has used to produce dance for experimental films, professional videography, and performance video content. Her teaching philosophy also incorporates intersectionality of numerous time-based fields, such as experimental film, dance, music, performance art, early cinema, and digital art.

She has performed often in experimental dance and performance art events. Julie has exhibited at venues like the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, Monkey Town 4, the Antimatter Film Festival, the Experimental Television Center, SANDWICH in Japan, and others as well as regular performances in Denver and Brooklyn.