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Prepare for a career in art & beyond

The days of “starving artists” are over. 

The Department of Studio Art and College of Arts and Sciences are dedicated to preparing students for a wide range of creative careers. Primed with a broad liberal arts education, our graduates confidently take on careers in art, design, and much more.

No matter if you want the job with a corner office or a private studio, we’ll start you on the path to a career you love.

With the support and resources of College of Arts and Sciences Career Services, an expansive alumni network, and faculty mentorship, you’ll be ready for whatever comes next in your creative journey.

IU gave me an excellent foundation of technical and research development skills as well as a supportive network to prepare me for my career as an artist.

Molly Gabbard, B.F.A. ’08, Fulbright student to Australia (’11–’12)

Creatives wanted everywhere

The roles of artists continue to be redefined. From analysts to user experience designers, artists are influencing the world in almost every industry you can think of. 

This means your opportunities with an art degree are greater than ever.

Your art education gives you one of the most competitive skills in today’s job market: creativity. And your abilities to collaborate, think critically, and approach problems creatively are desired by employers in any field you pursue.

An IBM global study of more than 1,500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries found that creativity is the most important skill for success.

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