Research & Creative Activity

We are researchers & innovators

As artists within a major research institution, we continue to challenge traditional notions of research and creative activity.

Every object we make requires experimentation, process development, and research methodologies.

Our research doesn’t result in a publication or prototype. Creative discoveries are delivered in a variety formats and serve to broaden human knowledge and learning.

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Reimagine research

The Department of Studio Art is committed to helping students and faculty pursue their interests through research and creative activity.

With an emphasis on balancing conceptual work, new technology, and disciplinary skills, students design their own research projects under the guidance of masters.

Faculty research themes and topics connect across disciplines—from insects and plant life to graffiti and hip-hop culture.

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Resources of a Research 1 university

Studio art students and faculty have it all at IU—the freedom to create supported by the resources of a major university. Access to first-rate facilities and equipment, research grants and funding, and more than 200 research centers and institutes allows our students and faculty to make meaningful contributions to art, design, and innovation.

Centers and institutes like these show the range of our research and creative activity.