Student Experience

Your time here will push you to eliminate all of your boundaries

This goes beyond a degree. Beyond making art.

This is about being part of a community that challenges everything you think you know, opening your mind to question, critique, and create.

This is more than art school.

Where learning is expansive & personal

Your peers come from different cultures, countries, and disciplines. Your faculty are experts in everything from ancient artifacts to video game design. And your classrooms and studios are worlds where any idea is possible.

Being an art student in a liberal arts school means I have more opportunities to think outside of my own discipline and take classes with students from all backgrounds.

Rose Harding, B.F.A. in sculpture

Your art won’t stop in the studio

World music festivals. Broadway shows. Poetry slams. Gallery walks. International cuisine. Independent film screenings. National forests. Whatever inspires you, you’ll find it here in Bloomington.

See your life in Bloomington