Student Organizations

Find your niche

One of the best parts of being a student at a large university? There’s always something to do and unlimited opportunities to get involved, meet people, and try new things. With more than 750 student organizations, there is something for every interest, hobby, and passion.

Studio art guilds & clubs

Joining a student organization within the Department of Studio Art is a great way to build your portfolio and gain professional experience outside of the classroom. Collaborate with like-minded others in a supportive environment, plan events and exhibits, and work with visiting artists.

The Fuller Projects

The Fuller Projects is a student-run gallery that exhibits contemporary works by emerging artists. Located in the McCalla School, the venue provides a space for artists to experiment with concepts, materials, working processes, and audience interaction.

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Studio area guilds

Studio area guilds allow students within a studio discipline to work together outside of the classroom. Guilds put on art events for the campus and community, host guest artists, and explore art independent of curriculum.

The purpose of the Fine Arts Ceramics Club is to expose the greater community of IU and Bloomington to ceramics through activities such as pottery/ceramic art sales, visiting artist workshops and lectures, open studio nights, community wood-firings, and conferences. Currently membership is open to students who have been accepted into the ceramics B.F.A. and M.F.A. program. 

Ceramics Guild at IU Facebook page

The Graphic Design Club is a community for Indiana University students with an interest in graphic design, typography, letterpress, and more. It is a social environment where students can meet others with similar interests, exchange creative ideas, share graphic design internship and job opportunities, and connect with professionals. Graphic Design Club welcomes any student with a keen interest in graphic design and/or related fields of study who is willing to participate and learn.

The Metalsmithing and Jewelry Guild aims to inform the community of Bloomington and beyond about the metal arts. Events and activities of the metals guild fund field trips, workshops, artist visits, and other events to benefit the students of Indiana University.

The Painting Guild is a group of Indiana University graduate painting students who promote professional development and community involvement in the arts through activities such as artist visits and lectures, figure drawing sessions, open studios, fundraisers, and exhibitions.

The Sculpture Guild supports and advances the professional lives and careers of its members, in addition to furthering the development and appreciation of the sculptural arts. The Sculpture Guild hosts visiting artist workshops and lectures, as well as community iron and bronze pours, and enables its members to attend conferences. Members of the Sculpture Guild affirm their support of the field and commit to the free exchange of information for the general benefit of all.

The Textile Artist Assembly helps students bring relevant fiber, textile, and material artists to Bloomington. Through fundraising and group activities, Textile Artist Assembly develops relationships with other fine art programs and hosts events for the betterment of Indiana University and the Bloomington community.

Master of Fine Arts Organization

The Master of Fine Arts Organization (MFAO) encourages educational, scientific, technical, and aesthetic development in the various fields of studio art. MFAO provides a forum for the exchange of ideas relevant to studio area fields. The organization also fundraises to bring in visiting artists and publish a catalog of graduating M.F.A. student work.